Bauer custom patio Railing

Architectural Metal Fabrications

Bauer Sheet Metal can enhance your residential or commercial project with decorative, architectural metal fabrications. We utilize a wide variety of metals depending on your desired outcome.

Custom Fabrications include kitchen hoods, custom railings, flashing, and stainless countertops.

Tanglefoot Park Building
Tanglefoot Park Building Exterior – Spring Lake, MI. Bauer supplied and installed the black metal roof system as well as manufactured and installed the outdoor fireplace.
Tanglefoot Park Building Interior
Tanglefoot Park Building Interior – Spring Lake, MI.
fire place in Ludington
Outdoor Fireplace in Ludington, Michigan
modular craft malting equipment

Malters Equipment

Bauer Sheet Metal can manufacture your malting equipment design or connect you with our valued customer, Malters Advantage, for design and engineering to fit almost any malt house. Malting equipment takes barley and turns it into malt for the beer industry, and only a handful of companies can build this custom equipment. Many of our customers are farmers interested in expanding their family business or looking for ways to utilize other process byproducts.

  • Malting equipment fabricated to be a turnkey solution for your business so you can start malting as soon as possible. 
  • Custom capabilities to fit any space.
  • The ability to refabricate or add to existing units for growth and seamless processing. 

Bauer’s ability to build malting equipment powers some of the biggest names in the malting industry! Learn more about our capabilities by calling Bauer Sheet Metal or visiting our valued customer, Malters Advantage

Bauer Engineering Services weldment


Not only is Bauer Sheet Metal one of the premier metal fabricators in the region, but we also have a wide variety of engineering experience. We are capable of assisting you with the design phase of your project or products. We have done countless design and build programs for our customer base over decades of being in the industry. We have the staff trained in design as well as the computer software to provide you with the solutions you need to be successful. Whether it’s a single product or an entire line of process equipment, we can help!

  • Material Handling Systems (Food Industry)
  • Structural
  • Process Piping Systems
Steel boat fabrications

Marine and Offshore Steel Fabricating

A perfect example of the wide range of Bauer Sheet Metal capabilities is our marine services on watercraft. We have a vast array of projects from simple repairs to complete rebuilds of entire sections of marine vessels, including but not limited to:

  • Wheelhouse Expansions and Replacement
  • Stack Replacement
  • Hull and Structural Repairs
  • Galley Replacement
  • Railing and Stairway Fabrication and Installation (using steel, stainless steel, and aluminum)

Our work conforms to all industry and governmental regulations, including the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). Our skilled technicians are certified in all aspects of marine construction and welding. We have also secured the necessary insurance specific to this industry to safeguard our customers from any liabilities associated with this unique and challenging work. Our techs have traveled the country to provide service and complete projects wherever customers need it.

Stainless Metal Modular Fab Craft Malting Equipment

Sheet Metal Fab Manufacturing

The skilled tradesmen at Bauer Sheet Metal are experts in all facets of metal fabrication. Our processes include, but are not limited to, Welding (both MIG and TIG), Press Brake Forming, Shearing, Plasma Shape Cutting, Flame Cutting, Saw Cutting, Plate Rolling, Painting, and several other finishing methods. Work is performed at our well-equipped facilities in Michigan (Muskegon and Scottville) or often on-site at our customer’s locations around the country.

We have a reputation as the leader in quality fabrication of an endless variety. We have the experience that includes everything from constructing entire buildings and complex processing equipment down to repairing a broken weld. There really is no job too big or too small!

We have an impressive list of satisfied customers and would be happy to supply references upon request.

fire place in Ludington
Outdoor Fireplace in Ludington, Michigan
Ultrasonic Testing Thickness

Ultrasonic Thickness Testing

Ultrasonic testing is the most effective, non-destructive method of testing. It allows you to determine the thickness of almost all materials. This method is particularly useful in hard to reach applications like piping, ship bulkheads, large storage tanks, etc. UTT can penetrate up to 20″, which is deeper than other methods such as liquid penetrants. Some commonly tested materials are carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and polycarbonates.

mining equipment

Mining Industry Sheet Metal Fab

  • Work performed according to the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA)
  • Engineering and fabrication, machine installation and maintenance, pollution control/dust collection, new installations, material handling equipment, structural steel and sheet metal design, siding, stairways, handrail
  • AWS and ABS welding certified
  • MSHA safety program is available for review if required
  • MSHA Training Plan, created by Bauer and approved by the MSHA training team