Malters Equipment

Bauer Sheet Metal can manufacture your malting equipment design or connect you with our valued customer, Malters Advantage, for design and engineering to fit almost any malt house. Malting equipment takes barley and turns it into malt for the beer industry, and only a handful of companies can build this custom equipment. Many of our customers are farmers interested in expanding their family business or looking for ways to utilize other process byproducts.

  • Malting equipment fabricated to be a turnkey solution for your business so you can start malting as soon as possible. 
  • Custom capabilities to fit any space.
  • The ability to refabricate or add to existing units for growth and seamless processing. 

Bauer’s ability to build malting equipment powers some of the biggest names in the malting industry! Learn more about our capabilities by calling Bauer Sheet Metal or visiting our valued customer, Malters Advantage